Honda S2000 Motor Show Display, Japan
Honda S2000 Motor Show Display, Japan
Mitsubishi Lancer Driving Simulators
NRMA - Mobile Members Centre
NRMA - Mobile Members Centre
NRMA - Mobile Members Centre

Mobile Exhibitions

Transport Ticket Authority (VIC)

ES provided the concept and detail design for the mobile visitor centre being used to introduce new Smartcard Technology, being introduced into the Victorian public transport system. Of importance was the need to take into consideration high visitor flows, whilst ensuring a positive learning experience.

National Roads and Motorists' Association Ltd (NMRA) - Mobile Members Centre, 2004

The NRMA Motoring & Services developed the concept " Taking the NRMA on the Road " to provide members of the NRMA with a presence in local, regional and rural communities, through a Mobile Members Centre (MMC).

ES' brief was to design and detail the internal fit-out of a purpose built semi trailer suited to touring rural and regional areas and provide technical consultation to the fabrication contractors.


Mitsubishi Lancer Driving Simulators, 2003
ES designed and constructed two driving simulators using the actual vehicle control mechanisms. Designed with immersive surround sound, force feed-back controls and seat base shakers. The Mitsubishi stand was voted the most popular at the 2003.

Nokia Mobile Display, 2003

5.5 metre high, self powered, scale model telephone with rear projection system. Designed for durability and easy assembly to travel nationally with the Rugby World Cup.

City of Holdfast Bay, 1999-2000
Talking Bollards

ES researched, designed, manufacture and installed a set of solar-powered FM transmitting bollards for the Federation Trail.

Honda, Tokyo, Japan
Honda S2000 Motor Show Display, 1999

The vehicle was modified so that the body could be elevated on an eight-metre column. The chassis then tilted upward on a turntable, and rotated to display the engine and mechanics. Key personnel provided custom engineering, hydraulic and electrical control system, 3650kg lifting and turntable mechanism, 4 degrees of motion including 650kg upper portion of car raised 8m, designed for airfreight.

Le Hamel – France, 1998
The park is a project of the Office of Australian War Graves and is on the site of a significant WW1 battle in France. Key personnel provided the components which were produced in Australia and shipped to France for installation.

Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway, 1999
Key personel were involved in the design and production of interpretive display panels for Kokoda walkway in Concord, Sydney.

Western Australian Department of Road Safety, 1996
Road Show

An educational travelling exhibition housed in an expanding semitrailer. Key personnel designed, built and installed the exhibition, featuring an interactive that explored a crash simulation with or without seat belts.

Xerts Restaurant (Sydney), 1999-2000
Custom Cabinetry

ES provided the construction and installation of cabinetry using components constructed from a variety of materials including metal frames, moulded plastic panels, laser cut trim and laminated timber construction, which incorporated
compound and complex curves.

Client List
Australian National Power
Email, Electrolux Home Products
Honda S2000 Motor Show Display, Tokyo, Japan
Le Hamel – France
Mitsubishi Lancer Driving Simulators
National Archives of Australia
National Capital Authority
NMRA Travelling Visitors Centre
Nokia Mobile Display
Office of Australian War Graves
War Graves, Kokoda Trail, NSW