National Archives of Australia, Wine! Exhibition
State Records of SA, Childhood Exhibition
State Records of SA, Childhood Exhibition
WA Maritime Museum, Winching Interactive
National Motor Museum, Crash Dummies Interactive
WA Maritime Museum, Rowing Interactive


National Archives of Australia, 2000 - 2005


ES provided concept design, detailed design, construction, and installation of this travelling exhibition. Featuring a series of three dimensional, organic forms constructed from light-weight interlocking plywood, showcased archival images, interpretive text and documents. Sensory exhibits included audio interviews and olfactory interactives, allowing visitors to explore wine descriptors used to instruct wine makers.


State Records of South Australia, 2004
Children in SA - Opening Exhibition

ES designed, constructed and installed the opening exhibition for the inaugural State Records of SA Research Centre. The exhibition presents personal stories from an extensive collection of archival documents, facsimiles, images, audio visuals and audio, dated 1860 – 2005.


Maritime Museum of Australia, 2004
Dolphins Exhibition


Western Australian Maritime Museum, 2002
Navigation Tree, Sailing, and Winching Interactives ES provided design and construction for five interactive exhibits exploring a range of maritime themes, including the physics of sailing, communications, the mechanics of rowing and the physical rigour of professional sailing. The construction included custom cabinetry; electronic control systems; custom mechanisms; hydraulic components, graphic design and production.


National Motor Museum, 1999-2000
Crash Dummies

What happens to us in an accident? Why are seatbelts a must for all drivers? Crash Dummies is an action interactive where the visitor places crash dummies in a model car, with or without seat belts. The model car crashes at the end, signalling high speed video captures of the crash. The visitor can observe the dummies at the point of impact, and see firsthand why seatbelts are a vital part of road safety.

Other Exhibits: Risky Business Exhibit

National Museum of Australia, 2000

Colonisation Map and Conflict Map

Over 4 metres high and 3 metres wide. An interactive unit used in conjunction with other displays highlighting the colonisation of Australia and the conflicts that occurred during that time.


Museum Victoria, 2000
Science and Life Gallery - Interactive Exhibits
Visitors experience the scientific principles of light, optical interference and other natural phenomena. The construction included high voltage scientific displays, precision optical effects and custom electronic control systems.


Client List
Australian Museum, NSW
Australian National Maritime Museum, NSW
Museum of Victoria
National Museum of Australia, ACT
National Archives of Australia, ACT
National Motor Museum, SA
Powerhouse, NSW
South Australian Maritime Museum
State Records of South Australia
Sentosa Museum, Singapore
South Australian Museum
State Records, SA
Western Australian Maritime Museum