Questacon National Science & Technology Centre, Camwave Installation
Questacon National Science & Technology Centre, Camwave Installation
Questacon National Science & Technology Centre, Kaleidoscope Installation
Botswana Science Centre, 25 interactive exhibits
Questacon National Science & Technology Centre, Prism Vortex
CSIRO Discovery Centre, Human Body Interactive

Science Centres

Scitech Discovery Centre (WA)
ES developed an iconic exhibit for the atrium area within Scitech. The 7 metre high, 81 square metre ' Ball Machine' exhibit allows for exploration of forces and gravity. Bowling and croquet balls traveling through a multitude of tracks and launch stations provide a diverse range of user experiences. the exhibit caters for the senses of sight, hearing and touch, providing active and passive learning and kinaesthesia.


2007 Design Institute of Australia (SA Chapter)

Merit Award for Outstanding Qualities


Questacon - the National Science and Technology Centre (ACT)

ES designed constructed and installed two interactive Rotating Light Column exhibits to be attached to structural pillars within the Questacon Foyer. The design intent was to create a standard structure for the Columns which will house easily inter-changeable artwork, capable of showcasing a diverse range of scientific principles; the initial principles showcased being Polarised Light and Moire Patterns.

Questacon - Australia's
Science and Technology Centre, 2001- 2005

An assembly of 60 large rotating cams transfer helical forms into a sine wave. The effect is a 6x2m organic wall that washes silently over the visitor, configured to cycle between static and dynamic waves.

ES detail designed, engineered, construct and installed this inspirational centrepiece for the Questacon foyer. A 2.5 tonnes, 6m long, 5m diameter rotating kaleidoscope was installed 9m off the ground around an existing walkway. Rated as the 2nd best exhibit of the 200 interactives in the centre, surpassed only by a 3m free fall slide.

Prism Vortex

Standing over 2 metres high a prism shaped tank displays a perpetual vortex spiral from top to bottom.


Botswana Science Centre, 2004
Southern Africa

ES designed, constructed and installed twenty-five large-scale interactive exhibits. Featuring G-Force a five-metre loop in which a visitor can ride a bicycle to experience
the feeling of free-fall. Other exhibits included Broadcasting, Blast Off, The Human Body, Tornado, Combustion Engine, Observatory, Newton’s Cradle, Aeolian Landscape, Giant Microscope and Bernouli Blower.


CSIRO Discovery Centre, 1999 – 2003
ES worked in conjunction with Cunningham Martyn Design (CMD) in the detail design and production of technical interactives for the opening of CSIRO Discovery Centre.

Human Body
The Human Body is a life size translucent body with internal organs, touch screen interface and custom cabinetry. Internal organs illuminate with corresponding video presenting the corresponding medical advancements.

Phasing X-Rays - Haptic Workbench
Using Haptic technology is primarily a force feedback pen mounted on a set of mechanised arms, which allows users to move through a three dimensional environment, ‘feeling’ virtual objects as they are encountered. Visitors can explore
and experience ‘seeing and touching a virtual object’.

Functional Food
Visitors select food from a plate and view a display that explores the relationship between nutrients and their effect on the human body.

Other interactives included:

Regional Climate & 3D Climate Map

Biodiversity Microphone & Binoculars

Investigator Science and Technology Centre, 1998- 2003

Water Catchment
A travelling exhibition designed in a custom built trailer, displaying exhibits and activities. The trailer opened out to stage live theatre performances, presenting ecology and conservation of Adelaide’s water catchment system.


Client List

Botswana Science Centre, Africa
CSIRO Discovery Centre, ACT
Investigator Science & Technology Centre, SA
Scitech Discovery Centre, WA
Questacon - National Science & Technology Centre, ACT